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Rams in London: A Tale of Two Franchises

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” - Charles Dickens

This morning, Football StL's Tim Klutsarits got to take in the circus that surrounded Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as they arrived in London for Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams. 

To give you a little taste of how different it is for the two teams, when the Rams arrived for their first day of practice here in London, there were about 20 reporters and photographers total in the media room of the Arsenal Training Facility. When the Patriots arrived Friday morning in their massive hotel ballroom, it was standing room only.  There were over 20 photographers by themselves from all over the world. That was in addition to the numerous television, radio, internet and newspaper reporters that took up every available seat in this ball room.  As Mel Brooks said in a movie once and is certainly appropriate for this week…..”It’s good to be the king.”

That is just a microcosm of the difference between these two franchises.  Both operate in the greatest sports league in the world, but one clearly is living in a different world than the other.  It is much like the Charles Dickens classic, “A Tale of Two Cities.”  The rich get richer and the poor continue to try and fight and claw their way up.

There are a number of reasons why the two teams are so different in terms of media coverage.  The obvious of course is winning.  The Patriots win, and win a lot.  The Rams lose, and have lost a lot.  This season they are closer, but you would be hard pressed to find anyone that thinks the Rams will finish with a better record than the Patriots this season.  The good news is the Rams have at least gotten good enough that you think if things fall right they could win the game Sunday.  Not likely, but possible, and that is progress.

Friday night, on our Rams Prime-Time special (at 7 p.m. on Channel 4 KMOV), News 4 Sports is going to take a look at what happened to these two franchises.  Ten years ago they were both in the Super Bowl playing each other and on the top of their games.  Now they are worlds apart.  That single game, I believe, sent both teams on their current trajectories.  One went on to greatness and the other one went into the abyss.

There are many reasons for it in my opinion, but during Rams Prime-Time special, you'll hear a number of the players that played in that game give their opinions as to why that game meant so much and why it really was a tipping point for both teams.

Klutsarits said in doing interviews for this story, he was surprised at the strong opinions players from both teams still have about this single game and the greatness of that game in NFL history.  There really is enough to write a book about what happened in that game and the repercussions one win or loss can have on an entire organization.

Join us at 7 p.m. or set your DVR Friday night and watch over the weekend.  There will be some interesting comments sports enthusiasts will find interesting about what happened that night in New Orleans ten years ago.

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