Does Kroenke give Rams the edge this week in London? -

Does Kroenke give Rams the edge this week in London?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

LONDON (FootballStL) – The St. Louis Rams have been in London for two days already while their opponent, the New England Patriots, is just arriving ahead of Sunday’s games. 

In my mind, I want to believe the reason why the Rams are in London early is because of their owner, Stan Kroenke, who happens to own Arsenal Football Club, where the team is practicing this week.

It makes complete sense as to why the Rams would leave early across the pond because they have Arsenal’s practice facility available to them this entire week.  This might explain why the Patriots are just getting there; the team isn’t as lucky to have a great connection, I guess.

“I am not sure if I have ever seen a facility quite like this,” Rams quarterback Sam Bradford said.  “We don’t have places back home where there is 12, 13 football fields in a row.  It is pretty cool just having the opportunity to be over here and practice at a place like this.”

Bradford admitted he struggled to fall asleep on Tuesday night.  The good news is that he has four more nights to get it figured out while the Patriots have a shorter time to adjust, obviously.

“That is precisely the reason we elected to come over early in the week so we could get the players adjusted not only to the travel but also to the time zone change and so I was very, very pleased with their response this morning and the way they practiced today considering they arrived here yesterday,” head coach Jeff Fisher said. 

“We will gradually acclimate them and adjust their body clocks to play at 5 o’clock and we’ve got several days to do that.”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick didn’t go deep with his reasoning on why his team was waiting to leave until Thursday and simply stated “we just thought it would be the best way for us to prepare and travel.”

We will see which plan pays off better when the teams play at noon (St. Louis time) this Sunday.

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