Cahokia mayor accused of voter intimidation -

Cahokia mayor accused of voter intimidation

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

CAHOKIA, Il ( -- The leader of a Metro East community is accused of using his city’s police force to intimidate voters and influence the outcome of an election.

18-year-old students at Cahokia High School say the mayor sent his officers to try to sway their vote at the polls.

The mayor categorically denies the accusations, but some students and employees at Cahokia High School say the supporters of the county board candidate backed by the mayor tried to influence their decision when they did early voting this week.

Then that the mayor and police chief of Cahokia gave them the third degree about how they voted. If there’s any truth to the accusation, there could be violations of state and federal laws.

News 4 spoke with the St. Clair County State’s Attorney who couldn’t comment, but did say his office and the U.S Attorney’s Office will be aggressively investigating allegations of intimidation and voter fraud. One of the school employees said he’ll file a complaint in the next few days.


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