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Local resident angry after puppy dies days after buying from St. Charles County pet store

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV) -- A local resident is looking for answers after her new puppy died just days after she bought it from a St. Charles County pet store.


Cari Lewis said every time she walks into her home, a sad reminder greets her at the door.

“It’s just heartbreaking. I think about him every day. I was just so excited to come home and have something sweet and cute and precious to look after,” she said.

Cari bought her Shi-tzu - Yorkie mix from Petland in Lake St.Louis. But three days later, the dog was sick with parvo, an extremely contagious and often deadly virus.

“I guess it was that following Thursday the vet called and said, ‘he’s just not going to make it. It was horrible,’” she said.

A bad situation got worse when Cari learned Pet Land refused to refund any of the nearly $15,000 she paid for the dog and vet costs to treat its illness.

“They’re like, ‘sorry, you can come pick out another dog at an equal price.’ I’m like, ugh, it’s ridiculous,” she said.

Petland’s solution just didn’t seem right to Cari. News 4 went to the store to speak with owner Jeff Hartmann.

Hartmann said Cari was irrational to not want a dog from the same place.

“This could happen from anywhere,” he said. “It has nothing to do with our store, our breeders, our puppies.”

Hartmann admitted the dog could have gotten the virus at Petland.

“Like I said, the virus is everywhere,” he said.

Hartmann said Cari neglected to properly feed the dog and insists his pet store did nothing wrong.

“It had low blood glucose from not having food,” he said. “That’s the only reason it has that.”

But veterinarian Ed Migneco did not have the same outlook.

”In my opinion, the blood sugar dropped low, but that was because the dog was sick,” he said.

Cari signed an agreement when buying the dog that clears Petland in this case. Petland isn’t willing to consider the circumstances and refund her money.

She can still take Petland up on its offer to replace the dog, she’s not interested.


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