School nurse accused of switching student's ADD pills with painkillers -

School nurse accused of switching student's ADD pills with painkillers

DALLAS — Parents rely on school nurses to give their children medicines. But the Dallas Indpendent School District says one nurse at Polk Elementary School took advantage of her position.

"Clearly we had a violation of trust," said DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander.

The district says nurse Rebecca Bailey-Long — who works at four different schools — allegedly stole one student's ADD pills and substituted prescription painkillers in their place. She also allegedly took unknown pills from another child.

"We've gone back and talked to doctors and pharmacists to see if the students were impacted, and they weren't," Dahlander said.

All of this came to DISD's attention because — according to court documents — a family member noticed that their "child had not been acting normally after school."

The school then called the mother saying the child needed her medication. The mother thought that was suspicious. When she checked her child's pills, "she noticed that 15 tablets looked different from other tablets that child was prescribed and became alarmed."

Parents at Polk Elementary School say this news worries them. Carlos Hinojosa's second grader is administered asthma medicine.

"I don't know what to say. I'm shocked," Hinojosa said.

Police served a warrant at Bailey-Long's North Dallas home and found a large quantity of prescription bottles and dangerous drugs from different doctors and pharmacies.

Bailey-Long's husband told News 8 over the phone his wife was at a hospital being treated.

Rebecca Bailey-Long is on administrative leave.



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