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Police: Man stabbed pregnant wife, cut out unborn baby

WALKER, La. -- A Livingston Parish father is behind bars after investigators say he brutally attacked his pregnant wife and removed their unborn child from her belly.

The sheriff’s office say the victim survived but her unborn child died.

The attack happened in the 30000 block of Milton Road in the town of Walker.

Neighbors were completely shocked to hear that a neighbor who appeared to be happy would suddenly turn on his pregnant wife.

Investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the gruesome attack.

“You hear this stuff on television, and it don’t get to you,” said Joyce Bolen. “But across this street and you see these people, that’s a different story.”

Henry and Joyce Bolen have lived in their Walker home for more than 30 years now. They say the young family that lives next door was always quiet and stayed out of trouble – that is, until now.

“I can still hear her screaming. I could hear him and then the police. I could hear them, the police kept yelling at him to get out of the house,” Joyce Bolen said.

The sheriff’s office says 31-year-old Jeffrey Reynolds brutally attacked his wife, who was seven and a half months pregnant.

“His wife was on the floor he took a sharp instrument and actually had cut her open – her stomach area and pulled the baby out. The baby did not make it. The woman was taken to the hospital and we’ve received information that she’s in stable condition,” said Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard.

While the state police crime lab helped collect evidence inside the couple’s home, a warrant was issued to run toxicology tests on Reynolds.

Ard said those results could help shed light on a motive.

“That’s something we’re working on trying to do what we can," Ard said.

For now all this Livingston Parish community can do is wait to find out from investigators what drove a husband and father to allegedly attack his pregnant wife and kill their unborn child.

“I don’t know what happened to him,” said Henry Bolen. “He went off the deep end. That’s all I know.”

Reynolds is charged with first-degree feticide and attempted second-degree murder.

An autopsy is scheduled Wednesday at the coroner’s office to determine how exactly his unborn child died.


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