Student arrested with loaded gun at local high school -

Student arrested with loaded gun at local high school

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

BRECKENRIDGE HILLS ( - A student has been arrested for bringing a gun to a local  high school on Tuesday.

Ritenour High School administrators say a student reported seeing another student with a gun on school grounds. Administrators say they found a gun on a 15-year-old freshman. The school called Breckenridge Hills Police who immediately arrested the student.

Administrators say the gun was not used in a threatening manner. They do not know why the freshman brought the gun to school.

"I do not believe any students were in danger and the student did not bring the weapon with any intention to hurt anyone at the school," said Ritenour Principal Anthony Robinson. "I know this from talking to the student."

The school says it believes this is an isolated incident. As a result, the security level at Ritenour on Wednesday will not be changed. The district made an automated call to parents on Tuesday afternoon alerting them of the arrest.

Police say the student will most likely be charged as a juvenile.

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