Former Hazelwood resident accused of sexual assault in Boy Scout -

Former Hazelwood resident accused of sexual assault in Boy Scout Perversion Files'

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Warning: Some of the details in the story may not be suitable for everyone

HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOV) – A former Hazelwood man is accused of sexually assaulting Boy Scouts in 1978.

John Kelley was allegedly one of hundreds of alleged cases of sexual abuse and misconduct named in the recently-released Boy Scouts “Perversion Files.”

Kelley is currently in the St. Louis County Jail on 2010 charges he failed to register as a sex offender

According to the “Perversion Files,” Kelley was working as a Richmond Heights Boy Scout troop assistant leader was when three allegations of child sexual abuse surfaced.

The files contain 1,200 cases, including several in the St. Louis area, of suspected sexual abuse. The files also alleged Boy Scouts officials made efforts to hide the allegations from law enforcement and community leaders.

Kelley was removed from his position as assistant Scoutmaster of a Richmond Heights troop after officials accused him of three separate sexual assault incidents against scouts during two campouts.

According to the files, the troop camped in a house owned by Kelley in February, 1978.

The files allege while alone in a room with two other scouts, Kelley made sexual advances and touched one scouts’ genitals during the night.

It was not known if Kelley assaulted both scouts, as the files redacted the boys’ names.

According to the report, Kelley performed manual masturbation and oral sex on another scout later that night.

According to the files, a scout tried to tell the troop’s senior patrol leader, Dan Lally, about it between the first and second incident, but he refused to discuss it.

The files also allege the troop was camping in tents at St. Francois State Park in Bonne Terre in April of 1978 when Kelley entered a tent and attempted to assault a scout.

According to the report, Kelley stopped after the scout coughed. The scout then left the tent and sat by the campfire until the sun came up.

According to the files, Boy Scout Executive Russell Hart sent Kelley a letter in April 1979 saying his role as an assistant scout leader was cancelled due to what they said was credible information regarding his conduct.

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