Metro East man behind bars after allegedly producing child porno -

Metro East man behind bars after allegedly producing child pornography

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By Eric Lorenz By Eric Lorenz

( -- Federal investigators say a Metro East man has been charged for producing child pornography to share on the internet.

The federal indictment shows the alleged abuse and production of child pornography was going on for more than two years, and a child advocate says that gives her reason to believe that other children could have been in the same danger.

Martin Evanick, 31, who goes by Vlad, portrays himself as a maniacal clown on his Facebook page, which says he’s a drummer in the band “The Core of Your Nightmares.”

Federal investigators say, in April, Evanick took inappropriate pictures of himself engaged in a sex act with a child.  According to a press release sent from the U.S. Attorney’s office, the alleged violations happened in Madison County in June of 2010 and then again a year later in June of 2011.

Linda McQuary isn’t a part of this case, but as a child advocate, she has seen hundreds like it.  She says the two-year time frame outlined in the federal indictment is a concern.

“Many of the individuals who commit offenses against kids—the research shows that they just don’t offend against one child, that there are multiple children who have been victimized by that individual,” McQuary, manager of forensic operations at the St. Louis Children’s Advocacy Center, said.

Evanick is locked up with no bond because investigators believe that he is both a flight risk and a danger to the community.  Investigators also fear that Evanick might threaten, injure or intimidate a victim if he was not kept behind bars.

McQuary urges parents to talk to their kids to ask them if they have ever had contact with Evanick.

“You should just put the question out there. Just ask if anything happened that scares you or is worrisome, or even if he touched someplace that he wasn’t supposed to touch. Just ask the question,” McQuary said.  “Sexual abuse can occur in a very short period of time. It doesn’t take being in your household or overnights or anything like that.  It can happen very quickly.”

Anyone with tips on Evanick or if you think your child might have been a victim, call your local police department.

Parents looking for more information about talking to their kids about sexual abuse can contact the St. Louis Children’s Advocacy Center at (314) 535-3003 or by going online at


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