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Feldman: Roger Goodell building his brand

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

LONDON (FootballStL) -- Building and expanding any sort of business is about branding.  It's put in the heads of young minds all across the world nowadays it seems. 

If you've got a brand that resonates with millions of people worldwide, then there's really nothing you can't do.  But people have to know about it.  And they have to relate.

Well, Roger Goodell - commissioner of the NFL - is taking his league and trying to make it from being much more than an American game.  Right now, that's essentially what it is.  How many young teenagers in, say, Spain do you see running around with a pigskin in their hands, scoring touchdowns and doing doing end zone dances? 

Not too many, I'm afraid.

Now, no one expects Goodell (and I'm sure Goodell wouldn't expect himself) to be able to make this sport something as popular as soccer is world wide.  It's really just unrealistic. 

But he can sure try.

And his goal, at least for now, is to get a franchise in Europe within the next decade or so.  He's successfully gotten a game here in London for the last few years and plans on having one for the next several more. 

At some point, he'd like to get a franchise to commit to relocating here permanently.  How would that work?  I couldn't even begin to tell you.  The logistics in such a move would be a nightmare.

Could you imagine a team traveling across the world eight games out of the year?  Could you imagine teams in their division having to go to London every single season? 

Who would want to sign there as a free agent?  Would players publicly say they don't want to be drafted by that franchise?

It's a long way from happening because so many things are uncertain.  But that's not stopping Roger Goodell from building the brand of the NFL and gaining excitement all around the world. 

I haven't the slightest clue right now what the appetite is for football - American football, that is - in Europe.  During my week that I'm here I hope to get a good feel for that and be able to relay that you on kmov.com, our footballstl app and on News 4. 

Until then it really is hard for me to get a realistic sense of how likely it would be for a franchise to successfully survive here.  If it could, and the logistics worked out, that'd be a major score for Goodell.  A major score.

If you could have a franchise in London, why not Madrid?  Why not Paris?  The possibilities would be endless. 

Tomorrow is my first day getting out in the city and seeing how much the local citizens of London want our sport in their city. 

I am anxiously awaiting that answer.

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