Great expectations for Rams in London -

Great expectations for Rams in London

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

SOMEWHERE OVER THE ATLANTIC (FootballStL) -- Quick question for you Rams fans out there as I have a few minutes flying over to London.  OK, I had a few hours.  Where did you expect the Rams to be heading into this game against the New England Patriots in London?  0-7? 1-6? 2-5?  Somewhere in there is what I expect most of you thought when you looked at the schedule this Spring.  But, now we sit here in the final weeks of October and we find the Rams at 3-4.  This has been a very pleasant surprise.

Despite the disappointing performance against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday the proof is everywhere you look.  The Rams are no longer the doormat of the NFL and they could legitimately be a threat to finish the season within range of an 8-8 record.  While some other NFL cities would look at that record as a disgrace, the good loyal fans of the Rams know that this is progress.

That brings us around to the disappointment that many had in Sunday’s performance by the Rams.  There is no question who the best team on the field on Sunday was.  The Packers turned on the jets and zoomed right by the Rams.  No question.  But, the word was still hanging around the Rams for those who sat through that game on Sunday.  That word….progress.

That game any of the past 5 seasons would have been a 45-10 win for the Packers.  Instead the Rams hung in there for a half and were outplayed in the end.

So that leads me into this week’s game against the New England Patriots.  When the schedule came out this one was an automatic win for New England.  But, now I don’t think we can be so sure of that.  The Rams are much better.  Progress as promised by Jeff Fisher.  But, we have now watched the Patriots lose a game at Seattle that they dominated.  Then almost lose another game, at home, against the New York Jets.  It was a game where the Patriots desperately tried to hand the game away.

Now I don’t think anyone can be so certain that the Patriots win this game in London automatically.  Progress brings about expectations and now I think we can and should expect the Rams to be competitive in every game they play.  They may not have enough to win, but they will go toe to toe with you.

I see a Patriots team that is not what they were.  I see a Rams team that is also not what they were.  That sure seems like we should expect the possibility of an upset in London.  Expectations are higher for the Rams and they are no roll over.  We will see what they have this weekend at Wembley right here on KMOV.  This is another test and another opportunity to raise expectations.

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