Iraqi refugee's dream to own home cut short by dispute with St. -

Iraqi refugee's dream to own home cut short by dispute with St. Louis landlord

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS ( -- An Iraqi refugee who lost family members in the first gulf war is now happy to call St. Louis home, but her chance to realize the “American Dream” was dashed over a dispute with an old landlord.

She called News 4 for help.

With four older children, and two jobs, Suhair al-Nasiry has her hands full.

But she’s used to challenges- and pain.

In 1991, as the Gulf War erupted, she and her husband fled Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Her sister and brother-in-law stayed behind with their children. All were killed in a bombing raid.

Suhair has been in St. Louis for almost 20 years.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s my home now. My daughter, she [was] born here, she [is] in college now.”

Recently, she had a chance to buy a home, but there was another challenge.

“I apply for a loan to buy house and they say, oh, you have a collection on your credit,” she said. “I found out from them.”

That collection on her credit for $1,300 was from Elite Property Management.

Al-Nasiry rented a Maryland Heights home through the agency for one year back in 2007. When she moved out, she asked the company for an inspection, so she could get her security deposit.

“I call them and I say, guys, you need to come and inspect the house and they say, ok, just leave the key under the mat,” she said. “I said, no, I need somebody to come and inspect the house. Nobody showed up.”

And that wasn’t unusual. In fact, during the entire year she rented she never met anyone from Elite. The closest contact she had was a Post Office box in a St. Charles UPS store.

She never got her deposit back, and now she’s getting no answers about the $1,300 on her credit report.

“I call them, email them, I talked to [my] husband and he said I have nothing to do with it.”

According to state business records Elite Property Management is owned by John Beaver who lives not far from that UPS store.

We’ve been trying for weeks to reach him with no luck, but we have heard from his attorney.

He sent us this copy of a work order from a company they said had to repair damages after al-Nasiry’s family left.

The order lists such “repairs” as removing some trash from the carport, cleaning the kitchen and the windows, and painting.

Al-Nasiry disputes those claims, though she says she doesn’t even want the security deposit back. She just wants her credit cleared, so she can finally buy her own home.

“I just want them to be fair,” she added. Well Monday we have good news for al-Nasiry and her family.

Elite is now offering to clear al-Nasiry’s credit and refund half of her security deposit.

She and her family are now closer to getting that loan, and 20-years after fleeing Iraq, finally owning their own home.



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