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Mike Mathenys thoughts on Game 7

(BaseballStL) – Much of the post-game discussion Sunday night focused on the Cardinals lack of offense. Now the club faces a Game 7 that could define Matheny’s first season as a big league manager. Here are his thoughts from Sunday night on tonight’s big game.

“Everything is on the line and we couldn't be any happier to have Kyle Lohse on the mound knowing that we're going to have another tough day with Matt Cain that isn't going to make a lot of mistakes either. We have to make some adjustments.”

“We've had some games where we stack on runs and then we go absolutely hitless. Any day we know that our offense can pull out quite a bit of production.”

“We've had a number of losses this season that felt like we've been kicked in the gut as we're walking off the field. And what I have admired about this club is they show up tomorrow the exact same guys that they showed up here today. And they come out and they play the game. They're not going to dwell on it too long, but they're going to try to learn the lessons on the things they need to make the adjustments on. And they seem to be able to do that. They have a short memory.”

“We know this team on the other side is very motivated and driven, walked into Cincinnati needing to win three. Now they walked into the last game in St. Louis needing to win three. They've got a lot of positive thoughts going into it. But we do, too. Our guys will come out and play a different brand of baseball.”

“We obviously have a close eye on everybody, especially Lohse starting pitching when you go into a Game 7 or elimination game scenario. But overall, I don't want these guys doing anything different than what they've been doing to get to this point. If they've got something else in the tank, then they've shorted themselves and they shorted us all season long. We play the game the same way all the time, whether it's Game 7 or it's the first game of the season.”

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