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Wildwood becomes Missouri's 31st city to ban over-the-counter Pseudoephedrine

Effective Friday, you now need a prescription to get Sudafed or Claratin-D in Wildwood.  All part of the goal to rid Missouri of it's meth problem... one of the worst in the nation.

News 4 was in Washington, Missouri in Franklin county back in July 2009 when it became the first city in the state to require a prescription for those common cold drugs containing the key ingredient to make meth.

Franklin County Sergeant Jason Grellner is on a crusade to make this a state-wide ban but the state legislature isn't interested.

"The minute you make it (Sudafed) a prescription drug, you control the manufacturing of meth, but I can't get the state legislature in Missouri to listen and understand that," Grellner told us a while back.

But local governments, like Wildwood are listening.  But the ban won't be 100% effective until 100% of the state is on board.  For instance, right now people in Wildwood can go down the road to Ellisville or Ballwin and get Sudafed without a prescription.  But city councils in those cities are looking into instituting the same ordinance.

Sgt. Grellner says taking pseudoephedrine off the table could rid Missouri of meth.  "It's like trying to make chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips," Grellner told me once.  "You can't do it."

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at MSchnyder@kmov.com.

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