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"Orange Army" helping North County clean up

They come from offices, churches, showrooms and living rooms... Approximately 500 people in orange Service International t-shirts took time out of their routines Thursday to volunteer to help with cleaning up tornado-ravaged North St. Louis County.

They met up outside Grace Church in Maryland Heights and boarded buses and vans to neighborhoods where they moved tons of debris to the curb.  This effort organized by Service International  going on all day... in fact it will continue to go on for many days (except Sunday).

Service International is expecting around 15-hundred volunteers to show up Saturday.  They will put them all to work.

I talked to a few of the volunteers but not for very long.  We didn't want to be in there way or interrupt the good work they're doing.

They told me the pictures they've seen only tell some of the story.  They are amazed by the scope of the damage and the amount of debris.  They also feel compelled to help friends, neighbors and strangers.  It just feels right and hour by hour they know their presence is having an impact.

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