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Heavy rainfall creates dangerous road conditions across bi-state area

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

DE SOTO, Mo. (KMOV) – Heavy rain is leading to more flash flooding, and the fast-rising waters flooded roads and created dangerous conditions in De Soto, forcing road closures.

Water that was at one point all the way up to Main Street, is beginning to go down since the rain has stopped. Highway E in De Soto has been reopened after flash flooding washed out that road.

Rescue crews were needed near Mascoutah, Illinois on Wednesday when a driver seemed to ignore high water and got an SUV stuck. Firefighters used ropes to reach the family, and rescue a mom and her children by putting life jackets on them.

No one was hurt. Everyone escaped safely.

Another rescue happened after five men were stranded on the wrong side of the flood in an area just north of downtown in St. Louis. They were not injured.

High water continues to be a danger in scattered areas, and anyone out driving is urged to use caution. Water on the road is difficult to see at night, and can be deeper than it appears.

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