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Why not try Sanchez?

After watching Mitchell Boggs blow a save last night in Houston, and look very shaky doing it, you have to wonder if he's really the answer as the Cardinals closer. Granted, this is his first blown save and he's looked good in his other appearances in that role. I would expect Tony La Russa to hang with Boggs for awhile. You can't change closers every time one of them blows a save. I think we've seen the last of Ryan Franklin in that role. Jason Motte has had an occasional crack at closing over the past couple of seasons, and hasn't been very impressive in that role. It only makes sense to give Boggs a chance to see what he can do, but how long do you go with him if he struggles? The Cardinals already lead the National League in blown saves. How many more games can they give away while searching for a 9th inning answer? Why not give Eduardo Sanchez a shot at the gig? How much better can a guy possibly pitch in his first few outings? Sanchez tore it up at AAA Memphis in the early weeks of the season, and now he's making major league hitters look bad. So far Sanchez has made five appearances and pitched seven innings. He's allowed exactly zero runs and has 12 strikeouts. He's allowed two hits, and hasn't walked anybody. Opponents are hitting .092 against him. I understand this is a very small sample size and hitters don't yet have a book, or a lot of video on Sanchez to study. But it's very clear the 22 year old righthander from Venezuela has electric stuff. Wouldn't it make sense to give him a crack at the closers job, at least until somebody proves they can hit him? Tony La Russa loves the older veterans in that role, but in a season where nobody seems prepared to become a lock down closer, why not give Sanchez a look. How much worse could he be than the other guys? The Cardinals may have a dominant closer on the team right now that they're just not using. It's time to give the ball to Sanchez in the 9th inning and let him throw his heat.

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