New Illinois law prompts women's club to cancel bake sale -

New Illinois law prompts women's club to cancel bake sale

(KMOV)-- Who knew a cookie could cost so much?


Buying some of your favorite baked goods could now not only mean paying money, but forking over your personal information as well.


The St. Clair County Republican Women’s Club hosts several fundraisers every year, including an annual bake sale at the county fair. They sell baked goods like brownies and cookies for 50 cents or a dollar.


The club has a new Illinois law to consider, though, which requires tracking every penny of political contributions, and it means every penny.


Every time a citizen may choose to buy a cookie at the bake sale, it would be considered a contribution. That means fairgoers must also fill out a form with their names, addresses, and personal information.


The law went into effect Jan. 1, and the Women’s Club President Laura Miller tells News 4 she is afraid what is meant to be helpful could cause harm. She believes the law will deter citizens from making from making little donations, and contributors will only feel encouraged to make large gifts to big name campaigns.


The club canceled this year’s bake sale.


The women have asked for legal advice and contacted the Board of Elections.

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