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Updated tornado count since New Year's Eve

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By Steve Templeton By Steve Templeton

We dug through the archives to add up how many tornadoes we've had since New Year's Eve.  It's really incredible. We've had 44 confirmed tornadoes across the News4 viewing area since New Year's Eve.  The weather service office covers a few more counties and for that area the average per YEAR is 13 to 14. 

Here's the breakdown by the EF rating:






One of the reasons for the large number is that many of these were squall line tornadoes.  Those tend to be brief and often weak.  The Sunset Hills/Fenton tornado was an exception to that rule (EF3 at it's strongest).  But these squall lines can produce brief short track tornadoes in different parts of the area at the same time.  It's really an impressive number compared to the average of 13-14 per year, which shows how busy we've been in the 4Warn storm center.

Also, the average of 13 to 14 is based on data from 1950 to 2008.  During many of those decades we didn't have storm chasers like we do today and we didn't have the vast number of spotters that we do today.  So it's likely that the recent 10-20 year average is much higher than 13 to 14 per year. Just something to consider when talking about the average number. 





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