Egg Dying Techniques -

Egg Dying Techniques

All Natural Dye

Materials Needed:
Red Cabbage                         
Wild Violets               
Grape Juice                            
Beets (canned)
Crayons/Rubber bands          
Nylons or Cloth

Red Cabbage, Savoy, Violets: Wrap vegetable or flowers around egg. Put in Nylon or cloth and secure. Put in pot of water with a little vinegar and bring to a boil.  Let boil 3 minutes then turn off.  Put lid on pot and let eggs sit for at least 20 minutes.  Then carefully take out eggs and let cool.  When eggs are cool, remove nylon to view your wonder natural dye creation.

Beets, Grape Juice, Turmeric:  Use already hardboiled eggs.  Put beet juice and grape juice in bowls that will not stain.  Mix turmeric with water.  Then put eggs into juice or turmeric water and let soak until desired color.  You can hard-boil the eggs in beet  or grape juice for a very dark color.
Kool-Aid Dye

Different Types of Kool-Aid             
Paper towel or Coffee Filters
Plastic Wrap


Use hardboiled eggs.  Get egg a little damp and put on paper towel.  Sprinkle Kool-Aid on egg roll around to cover all sides.  Wrap egg in paper towel   then cover with a little plastic wrap.  Let rest for at least 10 minutes and then unwrap to see your wonderful egg.
Bubble Dye

Liquid Food Coloring                        
Dish Soap


Mix a small amount of liquid food coloring with a couple drops of dish soap.  Pour on paper plate and using a straw blow bubbles into the mixture. Using the eggs, pop the bubbles while trying not to touch the plate.  Experiment  with multiple colors.

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