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Woman goes on wild ride in Riverview accident

(KMOV) -- A woman winds up in a ditch after losing control of her vehicle just after midnight on Thursday.

The accident happened at the intersection of Chambers Road and Riverview Drive in Riverview, MO.

Police said the woman lost control of her Nissan while driving southbound on Riverview Drive.

She crossed the middle lane into northbound traffic and hit a curb.

Then, she crossed a grassy area and took out a light pole.

Finally, she crossed over some railroad tracks before clipping another utility pole and coming to a stop in a ditch.

She was not injured and didn't hit any other vehicles.

The woman told police she was ran off the road but cops on the scene told our reporter she was just driving to fast. Another thought she may have been on her phone.

Debris from the woman's Nissan caused another driver to get a flat tire.

He was also not hurt.

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