Man accused of preying on teen girls, police search for more victims -

Man accused of preying on teen girls, police search for more victims


(KMOV) -- A man accused of preying on teenage girls in Crystal City is behind bars, but police are convinced there are more victims.

Neighbors tell me they've seen young teens in and out of the man's basement apartment for months, even as recently as last Saturday -- the same day police are investigating another rape allegation there.

"He befriends people, gets them to come over to his place and plies them with alcohol and drugs and then takes advantage of them," Crystal City Police Chief Jeff McCreary said.  "It lowers their inhibitions, and I think when he does this, he has this in his plans all the time."

Crystal City police call Brian Syberg a sexual predator.  They're investigating three separate rape allegations against the 29-year-old.  He's been charged in one case with restraining a 14-year-old girl and raping her in his apartment's bathroom.  He's now jailed without bond.

"If he was not put in jail, I think this absolutely would have continued," Chief McCreary said.

The first reported incident happened in December.  Syberg allegedly raped another teen during a party at his Port Royal apartment just last weekend.

"There were two girls who walked through the parking lot and walked into his apartment and I noticed it, but you don't think anything about it," neighbor Amanda Lynch said.  "To find this out now, I wish I would have said something."

Detectives are convinced that Syberg preyed on more teens, who have yet to tell police.

"My big concern is how did this happen and nobody knew about it?" neighbor Erin Salisbury said.

"Especially knowing that it's happening right across the street from you -- that scared the living daylights right out of me," Lynch said.

"I've seen girls coming out of there late at night, and it kind of made me wonder about it," neighbor Joey Nash said.  "It kind of worries you about how these young girls getting permission to be where they're at."

Police plan to ask for more charges against Syberg in the coming days once they complete their remaining investigations.  Police encourage you to have frank conversations with your kids about Syberg.  Anyone who had any kind of inappropriate contact with Syberg, including drugs or underage drinking, is encouraged to call Crystal City police at (636) 937-4601.



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