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What About ME?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

How often do we ask ourselves this? What about me? What about my feelings? My plans? I realize I ask it a lot. I ask it when I get the Great Day rundown in the morning. “Why can’t I do that interview instead of Carol?” Or “why am I not in this segment at all?” and at home, “Why can’t he think about my feelings or What I want to do this weekend?” “Why can’t he just trust that I have the best ideas for the house?”..I probably ask that one the most.

Until this past week, that little question was becoming my life filter. It was one of the first thoughts to enter my mind in most settings. That’s really embarrassing and gross. I mean who wants to admit they are self centered and selfish? And I know I am blessed with an amazing family and job but I still just want to know how I can make things better for me. My prayers were all about how God can help me and make me happier.

Well my filter got flipped upside down this past week.  I received so many encouraging comments and stories from people who had either lost a child or had never been able to have children. When so many people from my past and people I have never met took the time to write me and tell me they were praying for me and my husband and our baby we lost.

All of a sudden I was aware of everyone around me. Sure God didn’t let me have a baby when I wanted to but He did bring an awareness that I so desperately needed. If people I haven’t seen since high school can make my day with a comment or a Bible verse on Facebook why can’t I make the people I see EVERY SINGLE DAY feel better or at least less lonely?

Once I started thinking about that, I started thinking a lot less about me and my needs…and that is liberating. Much less stressful.

Something else I found with this new filter. Work is more exciting. Again, I really have no room to complain in the first place about my job… other than my office has no windows. But now instead of dragging myself out of bed in the morning, I feel a sense of adventure. Who am I going to talk to today? How will my interaction affect them?  

It’s really a simple experiment. Just ask yourself before you walk into the next room and see your child, spouse, co worker, parent, “What about them?” “What kind of day are they having?” It comes naturally for many..but some of us have to work at it.



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