Scores killed in shelling of Syrian city of Homs -

Scores killed in shelling of Syrian city of Homs

BEIRUT (AP) -- Activists say Syrian troops have continued shelling residential neighborhoods in the central city of Homs for the fifth straight day, killing scores of people.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says "tens of citizens were killed" in Wednesday's shelling of the neighborhoods of Bayadah, Baba Amr, Khaldiyeh and Karm el-Zeytoun.

Omar Shaker, an activist in Baba Amr, says his neighborhood is under "very intense shelling" by tanks, mortars, artilleries and heavy machine guns. Shaker says he has counted five bodies Wednesday in his district.

The violence comes as President Bashar Assad's regime is increasingly isolated. Five European and six Gulf nations have pulled their ambassadors out of Damascus, and the U.S. has closed its embassy in Syria.

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