Garage door mystery solved, no aliens -

Garage door mystery solved, no aliens

(KMOV) -- Once again the garage door openers work on Westhampton View Court in St. Charles. The mystery is solved and no aliens were hurt in the process. In fact no aliens were involved at all.

But that's what neighbors had joked was the cause since their garage doors all stopped working right after Christmas. The culprit was a defective transformer for one of the neighbor's landscape lights.

Paul Accardo of Liftmaster told News 4 his technicians pinpointed the problem on Tuesday.  But in fact Gil Ballman and one of his neighbors solved the problem on their own.  Accardo says they're examining the transmitter on the transformer to figure out what went wrong. All 6 homes on the small street experienced problems with their garage door remotes.

On News 4 at Ten Monday night we told you how a techinician from Precision Garage Door said he'd never heard of that many homes experiencing issues. Often times an individual home will experience problems when the frequency from a transmitter (lights, electric dog fences, sprinkler systems) interferes with the garage door remote.

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