Mother leaves toddler home alone to go to a bar -

Mother leaves toddler home alone to go to a bar

WASHINGTON, Mo. (KMOV) – Police say a woman left her toddler alone at home for hours while she went out to a bar.
Police say the only reason they know that the mother left her child alone was because of an argument with her boyfriend in the parking lot outside her apartment building around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.
“A man and woman were arguing.  As detectives investigated, they asked who else she lived with and she said a two-year-old,” Sheriff Gary Toelke said.
The mother of the child admitted that she left the 2-year-old child alone while she and her boyfriend went to a bar.
The mother’s boyfriend claims they had been drinking for three to three and a half hours, but the mother claims they were out for an hour.
The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office has not decided to file formal charges of endangering the welfare of a child.  It may also lead to an investigation by DCFS to determine if she is fit to be a mother.

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