Colorado caucuses allow a view of support out West -

Colorado caucuses allow a view of support out West

DENVER (AP) -- Colorado's caucuses offer the Republican candidates for president a glimpse of their support in the Mountain West.

Colorado has enjoyed top billing for presidential candidates in recent years, largely because of its toss-up status. Colorado's registered voters have been divided nearly evenly among Democrats, Republicans and independents, though the GOP has an advantage this year.

The Centennial State has never been much of a player in the nominating game. Republicans hoped to change that by moving up their presidential precinct caucuses by a month.

Tuesday's caucuses aren't binding. Most of Colorado's 36 Republican National Convention delegates won't actually be assigned until after a state GOP assembly in April.

Front-runner Mitt Romney plans to spend caucus night in Denver. Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul all campaigned in Colorado.

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