County employee blamed for failed siren test -

County employee blamed for failed siren test

(KMOV) -- County officials say Monday's tornado siren test was not a success because of human error, which led to only the old system activating, and not the new. A county employee in charge of activating the sirens made the mistake according to officials, by using the old siren console.

On the first Monday of the month, St. Louis County Police is in charge of testing the outdoor warning system. Monday's test was to see the reliability of the new siren system installed last fall. the new siren system is replacing one plagued by age and unreliability according to police.

While most older sirens have been dismantled, some are still in operation. The remaining old sirens were the only heard during Monday's test.

County officials say there will be no re-test of the new outdoor warning system in February. The next test is scheduled for the first Monday in March.

While the outdoor warning system is not supposed to be heard indoors, some residents say they like being able to hear the tornado sirens from within their home.

County officials say the sirens are not made to be heard in every single home, but  recommend buying a weather radio to be fully informed of approaching severe weather. 

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