Attacks by Afghans on US troops often personal -

Attacks by Afghans on US troops often personal

WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. defense officials are telling Congress that supposedly friendly Afghanistan security forces attacked U.S. and coalition troops 45 times since May 2007, for the first time laying out details of attacks that have killed 70 and wounded 110.

Defense officials say that in most cases the Afghans acted out of personal motivation and were not controlled by insurgent groups. The second most common circumstances involve insurgents impersonating Afghan security forces.

The revelations came in testimony prepared for delivery Wednesday to the House Armed Services Committee. It was obtained by The Associated Press.

Such insider attacks by Afghan security forces have been on the rise, punctuated by the Jan. 20 shooting of four French troops by an Afghan soldier that prompted France to threaten to withdraw its forces earlier than planned.

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