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Well-known St. Charles restaurant shuts down without paying workers

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A well-known St. Charles County restaurant closed its doors, leaving dozens of workers without a final paycheck.

 Grappa Grill closed suddenly last week after 17 years in business. Customers were surprised to find the doors locked and every table empty.

“I was just here last Wednesday for lunch, they had a new menu so I had no idea there were going to close,” said Neverette Brakensiek.

Christina Surrell worked at Grappa Grill for six years and News 4 has heard from several employees who have not received their paychecks from their last two weeks of work.

"My paychecks are depended on for certain things in the middle of the month so that's not been taken care of.  I’ve had to call places and let them know the payment's going to be late,” Surell said.

News 4 spoke with the investor of Grappa Grill who said they unexpectedly lost their lease.

He said they are in the process of evaluating the restaurant’s current corporate and financial position. They still have to determine what funds are available to pay taxes, bills and possibly the employees.

Surell said “that’s not really my problem. My problem is, I worked for them for six years and for the last two weeks, I didn’t get paid.”

News 4 learned that a produce vendor for the restaurant has not been paid for six months and is owed more than $15,000. 

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