Cahokia kindergartner boards wrong school bus, ends up at local -

Cahokia kindergartner boards wrong school bus, ends up at local McDonald's

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A kindergartener in the Metro East was placed on the wrong school bus and was later located at a local McDonalds.

The Cahokia School District said in the chaos and confusion of the first day of school, Zamarion Carter got on the wrong bus on Wednesday.

The problem was made even worse when instead of staying on the bus until it went through its entire route, Carter got off at the wrong stop.

The boy’s grandmother, Kimberly Taylor said this was the first time Carter had ridden on a school bus.

Officials say as Carter attempted to leave Morris Elementary, he boarded the wrong bus.

“He got on the wrong bus, and I guess apparently toward the end of the run, the stop was close to our area McDonalds,” said Art Ryan, Cahokia Superintendent.

Carter’s family said the five-year-old got off the bus three miles from his home and went into the restaurant, went to the counter and ordered a cheeseburger “Happy Meal.”

“They noticed he was by himself then they called the police.” Ryan said.

When asked about district policy for younger children riding the bus, Art Ryan said “for the little ones like that we have stickers that we put on their backs...with the bus number on it so as the teachers line them up they can kind of see they're on the right bus."

Ryan said somehow Carter got in the wrong line for a bus and has assured his family it will not happen again.

The district said it’s going over its policies again and taking a closer look. It may put stickers with bus route on the front and back of the younger children.

The district plans to have the staff pay closer attention as the students board the buses as well. 

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