Study: Supporting a losing NFL team could lead to weight gain -

Study: Supporting a losing NFL team could lead to weight gain

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Football season is right around the corner and a new study indicates rooting for a losing team could impact a fan’s waistline, according to Psychological Science.

The journal took a look at what happened to fans the day after an NFL game and found supporters of the winning team tended to eat healthier foods, while the losing team’s fans tended to eat more saturated fats and sugars.

On average, fans of the losing team eat about 16 percent more than they usually would on a Monday, according to researchers from the INSEAD Business School.

Fans of the winning team ate about 9 percent less saturated fat than normal. Researchers said the difference was especially defined if the game was close, an upset or in a city with a strong fan base.

Researchers said they believe winning boosts a fan’s self control. They said when the fan’s team loses, they are likely to eat because they feel an identity threat.


According to the research, the effect was more about an increase in saturated fat opposed to an up-tick in calories consumption. The results were the same in both male and female fans.

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