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Rams finish up training camp with a Fisher tradition

 (Football StL) -- Rams head coach Jeff Fisher's been doing this for years.  On the final day of training camp before they get into their weekly preparation for games, rookies - and interns of the organization - all must spin around in circles with their foreheads on a baseball bat, run as straight as they possibly can and attempt to pick up a football and run for a touchdown.

 Many head coaches have a way of doing fun things towards the end of camp and this is Fisher's.  His reason for doing it is quite simple.

 “Well, it’s been a tradition for a long time, something that we’ve always finished camp with. It’s just basically a reward for the rookies to let them know that they just made it through their first training camp,” Fisher said.

 Fisher also said running back Benny Cunningham is quite possibly the worst he's ever seen at it.  He said for a guy who has such great balance with a football in his hand it's funny to see him have such poor balance while he's dizzy.

Even quarterback Sam Bradford got a kick out of watching the rookies.

“Yeah. To be honest, I think they have it pretty good in camp. That’s about the only hazing that they get, so I think they get off pretty light. But, it is fun to watch them out there stumbling around,” Bradford said.


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