Mom alleges pharmacy killed her 6-year-old daughter -

Mom alleges pharmacy killed her 6-year-old daughter

HOUSTON -- A Houston mother filed a civil lawsuit against a southeast Houston pharmacy Tuesday alleging that the pharmacy killed her daughter by accidentally giving them a concentration of pain medication 10-times too strong for the 6-year-old girl.

"I miss her,” said Simone Allen, flanked by her attorneys at a Tuesday afternoon news conference to announce the lawsuit.

Her daughter Jadalyn Williams was born with sickle-cell anemia and had received a low dosage prescription of morphine sulfate since the age of one to help manage her pain.

The lawsuit alleges that Williams was prescribed a 15mg dose of morphine sulfate on March 28, 2012 at Texas Children’s Hospital and that the prescription was filled at the pharmacy the family had used for the past ten years: Cullen Care Pharmacy in southeast Houston.

Allen said she gave her daughter a single dose of the medication April 2, 2012 as indicated on the bottle. Williams died the next day and her cause of death was ruled morphine toxicity and the manner of death ruled an accident.

In their civil lawsuit against Cullen Care Pharmacy, Allen and her attorneys allege that the resulting tests showed the prescription was not 15mg as stipulated by the girl’s pediatrician but that it was 150mg, 10-times as concentrated a liquid as it should have been.

“They gave me the medicine to help her with her pain and it ended up killing her,” Allen said.

Now nearly a year and half after her daughter's death, Allen has filed a lawsuit against the pharmacy because she says she has not received adequate answers from the pharmacy or the pharmacy’s insurer.

"And I would like to know whether they have been disciplined, trained or whether it's just business as usual for them,” said attorney Muhammad Aziz of their attempt to find out who at the pharmacy filled the prescription.

But Allen, who is also seeking monetary damages up to $1 million, said an apology would be a good start.

"I do want an apology,” Allen said. “I lost my child. Why wouldn't you call me to say Simone I'm sorry? I trusted them with my kid's medicine and they made a mistake and I don't want them to do it to anyone else."

“And we want them to reach out to her. It's a small company so they can pick up the phone and say something to her,” said attorney Derrell Wright.

The pharmacy continues to operate near Old Spanish Trail and Cullen on the southeast side. KHOU 11 News contacted the pharmacy to get a response to the lawsuit but calls were not returned by either the pharmacy or its attorneys.

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