Neighbor spots fake exterminators in Shrewsbury moments after ho -

Neighbor spots fake exterminators in Shrewsbury moments after home burglary

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – Neighbor spots suspicious people impersonating lawn service workers moments after a burglary was interrupted at a Shrewsbury residence Tuesday morning.

Police say the subjects tried to blend in by using props to make it look as if they were exterminators or with a lawn care service as they allegedly attempted to rob a home on the 5000 block of Lenox Avenue.

Shrewsbury Police say two burglars got in through a kitchen door and stole a briefcase and prescription medicine but a barking dog may have scared the suspects off before they could get away with more in the early morning hours.

The homeowner woke up and discovered the missing items before calling police.

After officers and the homeowner left, a neighbor reportedly saw two guys show up and start to spray the yard. Police say the neighbor thought it was suspicious and it turned out the homeowner never hired a lawn service or an exterminator to spray her front yard.

The neighbor called officer but the two guys with the sprayer fled before cops arrived.

“I don’t know if it was purely coincidental or if those were the guys who had gotten in and got the briefcase and the meds and were going back in for more,” said Lt. Brian Catlett of the Shrewsbury Police Department.

Police said most burglars are looking for an empty house to hit while you’re away at work. They’ll knock on the door to see if anyone’s home and if someone answers, they’ll have a story ready about how they are offering to trim trees or spray for bugs. They could also have a tool of that trade with them.

Police say if they don’t have a company name on their vehicle and a full set of tools, equipment; call police and have them checked out. It could prevent a crime. 

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