News 4 get results for St. Louis County woman living next to eye -

News 4 get results for St. Louis County woman living next to eyesore

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( – In what is a resident’s worst nightmare, an 82-year-old woman told News 4 the people living next door to her abandoned their home several weeks ago, and left behind a mess that attracted everything from rats to raccoons,.

“this is terrible, and I have to live next door to this,” Rosemary Licato said. “It’s a health problem. It’s a health problem. You know, even a young person would be upset but I’m a senior citizen.”

We called on behalf of Licato who lives in the Fox Haven subdivision near Florissant. She and her friend down the street, Carol Pauli, say they’ve been waiting for St. Louis County to do something about what they call a safety concern.

“ when you’ve got rats and mice and garbage sitting outside, and garbage inside, and debris everywhere, it’s a breeding ground for snakes, for everything,” Pauli said.

St. Louis County says there might have been some miscommunication when dealing with the house.  It did mow the grass earlier this month,  and now the question is what to do with the property. The owners left the state for Arizona.

“It might get to a situation where we might put liens on it, and if someone buys it for back taxes purposes, they’ll have to satisfy the lien, so we’ll be able to recoup that money for taxpayers,” said David Wrone with St. Louis County Public Works.

In the meantime, workers from the St. Louis County Neighborhood Services came to clean up the mess. St. Louis County says it will monitor the situation at the home, and that the health department has been alerted about the rat problem.

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