St. Louis rated deadliest place to live in America -

St. Louis rated deadliest place to live in America

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(KMOV) – St. Louis is the deadliest place to live in America, according to a list put together by an author at

The author of the list, John Dellinger, cites St. Louis’ high crime rates and high chance of natural disaster as the top reasons the city took top “honors.”

Dellinger says according to Morgan Quitno, an independent research firm, St. Louis has the highest rate of violent crimes out of any large U.S. city.

It also has a higher-than-normal chance of natural disasters due to flooding and the fact it sits on top of the New Madrid Fault, the author writes.

“In 1956 Missouri saw 42 tornadoes, killing 56 people. The last 20 years in Missouri averaged 30 tornadoes a year. Almost a billion dollars in damage,” Dellinger writes.”Put that together with the major oil and gas pipelines in the city and you got problems.”

Dellinger says add 22 million pounds of toxins spewing in the air in 2009 helps make the city the deadliest in America.

Here is his complete list:

1.   St. Louis, Mo                   

2.   Los Angeles, Calif.

3.   Oakland, Calif.

4.   Miami, Fla.

5.   Newark, NJ

6.   New York, NY

7.   New Orleans, Louis.

8.   Seattle, Wash.

9.   Houston, Texas

10. Memphis, Tenn.

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