NAACP involved after St. Louis County officer allegedly harasses -

NAACP involved after St. Louis County officer allegedly harasses family

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( – St. Louis County police on Monday were apologizing to a north St. Louis family.

The family was reportedly harrassed by two officers for being in the wrong neighborhood, and used a cell phone to record the officers conversation.

News 4 made sure police had a copy of the four-minute cell phone video and asked for an interview multple times. The police would not speak on the case, but the NAACP is being very vocal.

NAACP President Adolphus Pruitt called a meeting with Dale Watson and his family Monday.

He wanted to know more about the story he saw on News 4.

“We're concerned about all of it,” said Pruitt in a meeting with Dale Watson and his family. “You can rest assured the Missouri state Conference of naacp and my office will support you 100 percent.”

Watson and his family were hired by a realtor to fix up a house in south St. Louis County near Tesson Ferry and Butler Hill Roads.

They worked on the home all last week so that the realtor could get it on the market.

But on Friday, Watson says, a St. Louis County officer questioned if he had a right to be at the house after running his ID.

"I’m going to assume you'relegitimate but if we have any problems I’ll come down on you like a headless horseman,” said the officer in the reported recording.

When Watson filed a formal complaint with the police department, he was given a letter of apology from the Chief Tim Fitch who said, “the conduct of our employess is not reflective of the ideals and ethics of the department.” 

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