Students of unaccredited Normandy School District return to chee -

Students of unaccredited Normandy School District return to cheers

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( – The school year is under way at Normandy schools, with alumni and parents gathering to cheer for students who chose to return to the troubled district.

Monday was the first day of classes for students in Normandy, one of two unaccredited St. Louis County districts where students were given the option of going to better schools in other districts.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that adults hosted what was essentially a pep rally for the 3,000 students staying at Normandy, even after a quarter of their peers transferred out.

A Missouri Supreme Court ruling paved the way for nearly a third of Normandy students to transfer to the Francis Howell School District.

The student transfer plan is seemingly an exercise in faith. For Normandy transfers, it’s faith the Francis Howell district provides them a shot at a better education.

For kids staying at starting school Monday at Normandy, it’s faith a failing district can turn it around.       

Parents of students who’ve decided to stay at Normandy said they believe the district can pull out of the educational tail spin.

That hope can in part be attributed to the convenience of not having to take long bus rides to Howell schools, the comfortably of familiar classes and confidence in a new superintendent equipped to change course.


A new superintendent is giving parents reason for new hope in Normandy, but they know it won’t be easy since the transfer students are stressing district finances.

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