Thief steals wallets from shoppers purses in Maplewood -

Thief steals wallets from shoppers purses in Maplewood

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( -- Maplewood Police are warning women who use purses to be on the lookout for thieves who are trying to steal wallets when women are shopping.

 It happened twice last week at the Aldi grocery store at Manchester and Laclede Station Road.

Police provided surveillance video to News 4 which shows a woman walking up and down an aisle looking for a victim.

When a woman turns her back on her shopping cart to grab an item from a shelf, the thief can be seen reaching into the shopper’s purse, grabbing her wallet and walking away.

“In these cases the suspect has the wallet in a matter of seconds,” said Maplewood Police Detective Adam Fite, “And is walking away before the victim can even realize that their property has been stolen.”

Police advise women to never leave their purse unattended in a shopping cart. They also said women should make sure their purse is zipped up and recommend you use the child safety strap to secure the purse to the cart.

According to Detective Fite, the thief used one of the stolen credit cards to go on a shopping spree at another store. The victims were left to find out about the crimes, the hard way.

“Both victims didn’t realize that they had been victimized till they went to the checkout counter and couldn’t pay for their groceries,” Fite said, “Because their wallet was missing.”

Investigators are hoping someone will recognize the thief from the surveillance photos and notify police.


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