Baby Okapi, "Forest Giraffe" born at St. Louis Zoo -

Baby Okapi, "Forest Giraffe" born at St. Louis Zoo

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The St. Louis Zoo welcomed a baby girl into the family last month.

A female Okapi calf was born on June 17 and the St. Louis Zoo has just announced the birth a month later.

Quickly the calf, name Umeme, has doubled her original weight of 52.8 pounds.

With a velvety dark striped coat, the okapi is one of the world’s rarest animals in captivity, with only 94 of these animals in 23 American zoos, including Umeme.

One of the last mammals “discovered” by the scientific community in 1901, the okapi or “forest giraffe” is an animal so shy and secretive in the dense rain forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo that very little is known of its lifestyle in the wild, where its numbers are undetermined.  

Okapis are considered to be likely endangered due to both hunting and political crises in their native land.  

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