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Ex-convict becomes honorary police officer in St. Charles County

(KMOV.com) -- A once convicted jewel robber became an honorary police officer in Lake St. Louis Friday.

Larry Lawton spent 11 years in federal prison and has since created the Reality Check Program for teens and adults.

Lawton developed the Reality Check Program after being released from prison in 2007. He speaks to people about how he lost time, his family, friends and his freedom and explains how it wasn’t worth it.

On Friday, Lawton went from ex-con to an honorary member of the Lake St. Louis Police Department. Police Chief Mike Force and Lawton will kick start the Reality Check Program in Lake Saint Louis.

Chief Force said in his 30 years in law enforcement, he has seen how prisons are plagued with an increasing number of people.

“The Reality Check Program fills a void that exists with regards to helping deter young people from entering the system,” said Force.

An independent analysis completed by a community college showed the Reality Check Program has a 90 percent success rate with keeping teens out of jail, 70 percent had better attitudes, 43 percent had better school grades and 31 percent have better school attendance.

“I’m looking forward to becoming part of the Lake St. Louis Police Department, “ Lawton said, “To have the chance to help save others from enduring what I had went through in prison is an honor and my true purpose.”

For more information on Larry Lawton and The Reality Check Program, click here.

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