Bernie Kosar fails to apologize for critical comments of Rams -

Bernie Kosar fails to apologize for critical comments of Rams

(KMOV) – A week after bashing the St. Louis Rams receivers and third-string quarterback Kellen Clemens, some might have thought former Cleveland Browns quarterback and current color analyst Bernie Kosar might have issued some sort of apology.

Those people may want to think again.

Before the Browns took on the Detroit Lions Thursday night, Kosar took a moment to reflect on his comments. But those hoping for some sort of sorry were sorely disappointed.

“I love the game so much and there’s no way I’d want to disrespect or hurt or make fun of any players or coaches,” Kosar said before the broadcast. “That being said, the way I look at the game and the way I like to analyze it from a football perspective, it is what it is.

The more he talked, the less sorry he sounded.

“Again, I don’t want to disrespect or hurt any of the players or coaches in the league. But I do like the way I look at the game, and I have strong feelings about how the game is played.”

The remarks were in reference to comments he made on television when the Rams played the Browns on Aug. 8.

After the Browns’ play-by-plan man relayed a story during the telecast that Clemens had recently met the Pope, Kosar said, “Bless me father for I have sinned. I have to watch him the whole fourth quarter.”

Later, Kosar called Tavon Austin and the other Rams’ receivers “horrible” and said of receivers coach Ray Sherman, “I’m checking through the itinerary here of guys, of coaches to see who the receiver coach is, to make sure I don’t know this guy is,” Kosar said. “Because he’s not doing very good, either.”

He also said he’d be “embarrassed” if he was the parent of a Rams receiver.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said two days after the game he had lost a lot of respect for Kosar.


The Browns issued a statement Sunday condemning him for the comments.

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