Notes and quotes: Mozeliak and Matheny on Beltran, Kozma and Tav -

Notes and quotes: Mozeliak and Matheny on Beltran, Kozma and Taveras

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) --  Carlos Beltran was out of Thursday's lineup due to fatigue. Speaking before the game Mike Matheny said the move was not related to foot injury he sustained, but rather just wear and tear. 

"He played fourteen [innings] and then again last night" he said. "He's been having those days- days where he shows up and he's a little more achey than usual. He's had a couple of those but he's been pushing realizing it's a big important series, but today I knew we had pushed him pretty far." 

Matheny said previously the club has been monitoring Beltran's fatigue level and using Craig's ability to play outfield to rest the 36-year-old slugger. 

Beltran is hitting .280 with one home run and 10 RBIs since the break. 

Kozma's struggles

Pete Kozma has been under the microscope for most of the season. The former first round pick stepped into the everyday role at short after Furcal's season ended in spring training. 

Since then, his struggles at the plate have been the subject of intense scrutiny by fans and media. 

He's hitting .226 on the season, and just .194 since the All Star Game. Despite rumblings about trades and waiver pickups to address the offensive hole, Cardinals GM Mozeliak said Thursday Kozma's glove is still a formidable presence. 

"I'm still an advocate for him for what he does in the field, even though I know that's not a popular answer," he said. He went on to say Kozma's defense was a major factor in Tuesday's marathon win. 

Mozeliak conceded Kozma's struggles at the plate are notable, saying "right now it's an uphill battle for him." He countered that by saying the young short stop gets scrutinized more than most. 

"When he doesn't come through, there's that loud gasp of frustration. Other people are coming to the plate with runners at second and third and not coming through either, but yet he seems to be the person that gets the most beating for it."

Taveras to have surgery Wednesday

Oscar Taveras, the Cardinals prized AAA outfielder, will get surgery Wednesday on his injured right ankle. Taveras has been nagged with an injury most of the year, playing only 47 games. 

Despite hopes of making a late season appearance being dashed by the surgery, Mozeliak said the team is expecting him to be back to 100 percent for 2014. 

"It's disappointing he had the year he had, but this is a business that operates around injuries" he said. "I'm not concerned about how it's going to affect him moving forward. It is somebody who may have played into the major league roster this year but injury prevented that."

Taveras batted .310 with five homers in 174 at bats this season. 

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