Seattle police to hand out Doritos at annual 'Hempfest' -

Seattle police to hand out Doritos at annual 'Hempfest'

SEATTLE - Seattle police this weekend plan to use Hempfest, the annual pro-marijuana event, and potential cases of the munchies to get their message to the masses.

SPD calls it Operation Orange Fingers, and they plan to hand deliver a thousand bags of Doritos with a label attached that will send Hempfest attendees to SPD's site, Marijwhatnow? A legal guide to marijuana in Seattle

Roger Roffman, a UW Professor Emeritus and longtime marijuana researcher, applauds Seattle PD's creative approach, but knows there are people who won't be laughing. 

"I suspect some of them seeing Doritos handed out by the police department might say this is minimizing marijuana's risk too much," said Roffman.

When it comes to the risks, there will be information about marijuana and health issues. Roffman said Hempfest organizers asked him to write it up.

"People will be able to pick up cards called Hempfest gut checks," said Roffman.

He wants to educate and so does the Seattle police department.

"If it takes bag of chips and a little label that gets them to go to our website, and they go, 'I didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to do that' then for us it is mission accomplished," said SPD Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.

Seattle police will be handing out the chips at the front gates of Hempfest at ten o'clock Saturday morning. The Seattle Police Foundation paid for the giveaway.

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