Beverly Hills speed camera within the law without warning sign -

Beverly Hills speed camera within the law without warning sign

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) --  News 4 took a closer look into the speed cameras set up in the Beverly Hills city limits.

There is only one speed camera in Beverly Hills but there are no warning signs for it. In fact, if residents do not pay close attention,  they could miss that it’s even there.

Jennifer Brown said she never knew there was a speed camera at the Beverly Hills shopping center at Lawlry and Natural Bridge. She said she drives this route every day.

“One thing you have to understand is the speed limit is clearly posted especially from Hanley Station to Jennings Station Road, it’s 30 mph. You are getting a warning sign, the speed limit signs are clearly there they say 3-0, Beverly Hills Police Chief said.

By law in Beverly Hills, speed cameras must be near schools or crosswalks.

“I think the camera is doing the job plus we don’t write them unless you’re going ten miles over the speed limit,” the chief said.

The camera presence seems to be serving its purpose. The number of car accidents have decreased from five to just two-per-month since the camera went live, two years ago.

The Chief said the speed camera won’t always be on Natural Bridge. If he does move it to a smaller road, expect warning signs.

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