Pine Lawn officials say speed camera placed along I-70 not catch -

Pine Lawn officials say speed camera placed along I-70 not catching violators

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) --Just one day after News 4 grilled Pine Lawn officials about their speed camera problems, a new camera popped up that caught everyone’s attention. This time it’s on Interstate 70 at Jennings Station Road.

 It’s pointing directly at drivers in the eastbound lanes. However city officials say it’s not what you think. They say it’s not giving tickets, rather counting the number of cars passing by.

The latest speed trap in Pine Lawn is sitting in the grass between I-70 and Jennings Station Road, yet another mobile camera in city limits that’s taken in more than $150,000 in fines just in the last 6 months.

City officials insist this isn’t what it appears to be.

“That’s a zone where we try to reduce the amount of people speeding dramatically. Don’t you think it’s misleading,” asked News 4’s Lindsay Bramson. “It looks like a speed camera…I mean it is. It may look like a speed camera however it is a testing procedure,” said city spokesperson Lou Thimes.

A test, considering it’s the same exact camera News 4 reported on Tuesday which is sitting in other parts of Jennings Station Road.

News 4’s Lindsay Bramson asked, “So that camera up right now is not clocking speeders?” Thimes said, “I think it’s testing the number of speeders going through. Will people get a ticket from that today? Absolutely not.”

Some drivers are skeptical, saying “I’m getting a little tired of it.  Getting a little tired of those other cameras too.”

The city did say the next step could be to give out tickets in this area. However, the camera is in a travel safe zone where fines are doubled.

“Is the purpose to get more money for the city?  We’ve heard that story a million times.  But is that the reason? That is not the reason.”

News 4 will continue to press city officials on this matter. 

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