Vaughn: Rams get no love in fantasy drafts -

Vaughn: Rams get no love in fantasy drafts

(FootballStL) -- Fantasy football geeks all over the country are doing their research right now for their drafts. 

It's always fun to draft a couple of the local players to provide extra interest in Rams games. But the fantasy football experts would caution you against taking any Rams early in the draft. 

According to Yahoo Sports, here are where the top Rams players rank by position in fantasy football:


Quarterback-    Sam Bradford       19th

Running Back-  Daryl Richardson   36th

Running Back-  Isaiah Pead           47th 

Wide Receiver- Tavon Austin        30th

Wide Receiver- Chris Givens         44th

Tight End-      Jared Cook             13th

Kicker-            Greg Zuerlein         8th

Defense-         Rams                    9th


Wow! Not exactly a glowing endorsement of the Rams talent base. 

Clearly, the folks at Yahoo Sports aren't very high on the Rams offensive skill players. Depending on how many teams are in your league, you probably wouldn't want to draft any of the Rams before the 5th or 6th round. 

Tavon Austin as the 30th best wide receiver in the NFL? The Rams are going to be in some trouble if he's not better than that. Are there really seven kickers better than Greg Zuerlein? Jeff Fisher has been raving about the play of Jared Cook, but he's ranked as only the 13th best tight end. 

As the 19th ranked quarterback, Sam Bradford is going to have a tough time finding a starting job in anybody's league. 

Maybe the Rams will surprise the experts, become an explosive offense, and make these preseason rankings look foolish. If you believe that will happen you should be able to find some good value in the late rounds of your draft with Rams players. But the fantasy experts are strongly advising against making any of the local players early round picks. 

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