Victim of random, brutal stabbing in Imperial says son saved his -

Victim of random, brutal stabbing in Imperial says son saved his life

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – The victims of a random, brutal knife attack are speaking out about what happened and how their son saved their lives.

“I couldn’t really tell who or what was going on so I got down on my knees and I saw a knife and a woman and my husband all covered in blood,” Andrea Ferguson said.

On Monday, News 4 reported on an attack on Tony Ferguson in his home in Imperial by a complete stranger. On Wednesday, he and his wife said they might not be here if not for the calm, quick action of their son.

Ferguson was discharged from the hospital Wednesday afternoon after the Friday night attack.  When he was attacked, the knife went through his ribs and punctured a lung.

The whole family is still processing what happened but one thing is clear, their son, Dakotah saved his parents’ lives.

“I could see this silhouette coming at me and I put up my arm to block the blows that looked like they were coming,” Ferguson said.

Police say the attacker was Christina Fudge, 21. The Fergusons believe she slipped in through an unlocked door, hid and attacked Tony Ferguson when he walked into the kitchen. Andrea heard screaming and struggling from upstairs.

“The sounds are what are haunting me each night, because I knew those sounds were possible fatal sounds. I knew my husband was being hurt, Andrea said.

She and her son, Dakotah, came running down the stairs. Dakotah was able to grab and load a shotgun before making his way to the scene.

“My dad had his hand on her wrist with the knife in it and they were struggling and she was trying to get away and I pointed the shotgun right at her head and told her to stop moving otherwise I’d shoot her," he said of the incident.

Dakotah didn’t want to kill her so he unloaded the gun, set it aside and disarmed the suspect with his bare hands.

His mother said, “he had the wisdom to realize it's a female, maybe I can take her. I’m a lot bigger than her and he risked his own safety doing so."

By this time, Tony was passing out and Andrea didn’t think she could have stopped the attacker on her own and suspects she would have been the second victim if Dakotah had not been there.

Days later, the family is still confused by Fudge’s ramblings at the scene.

“It wasn’t making any sense, her trying to kill me one second and then worried about my health, the next,” Tony said.

 Police believe the victim was out to steal a car and to drive to Iron County to allegedly kill her ex-boyfriend but the Fergusons think that was not the case.


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