St. Louis Muny sees big attendance spike -

St. Louis Muny sees big attendance spike

ST. LOUIS -- The executive producer of the Muny in St. Louis is calling a rise in attendance this summer “remarkable.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that paid attendance at the outdoor theater in Forest Park rose 9 percent over last summer. Total attendance, which includes free seats and community outreach seats, rose 6.4 percent. All told, 383,485 people attended the musicals. Attendance at the open-air theater was the highest in six years.

The most popular shows were children’s productions—“Mary Poppins,” followed by “Shrek.” “West Side Story” was third.

Executive producer Mike Isaacson says a cooler summer helped, and so did new fans that are so quiet they can run during the show. The old fans were so noisy they ran only before the show and during intermission.

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